About Us

Biginfo is Your Gateway to Business

Biginfo.in is the most dynamic and intelligent information system on Capital Investment Projects in India. It’s the First & Only b2b information system that capitalize on delivering value in every piece of information. Each business is unique and so is its target projects, audience and timing of reach. We listen to your requirement, understand your business, market, application, audience and help you to connect with your target audience in most efficient and timebound manner.   


Biginfo.in is the most valuable information system for any project centric business. It empowers the project suppliers and service providers by identifying opportunities for their products & services and support the project authorities by identifying quality vendors for each of their project procurement.  


Over 18 years of Experience, Expertise and Intelligence are invested to deliver most relevant and meaningful business opportunities from Indian Projects. An exhaustively quality conscious research methodology and need based personalized focus is applied to bring value for your business.  We aspire to become the most Efficient, Reliable and Value Driven information source that truly empower your business. 


Projects are serious business for every project centric products & services. Having right information at right time gives strategic advantage to those projects centric business. Our business solutions address the core needs of those organization by offering genuine advantages.